Education Management Solutions

Advanced online management systems for Australian schools

We handle the hardware, software, backups, hosting, databases, web servers and security - all the things that take up time and money.

  • Delivered as SaaS
  • Low initial set up cost
  • Pay Per employee
  • Pay as you go
  • Unlimited data storage capacity
  • Fully maintainable by your staff
  • Accessible:Available online anytime and anywhere
  • Fully paperless processes:Prevents loss and damage
  • No steep learning curve:Users quickly become familiar with where things are located
  • Centralized information:Everything organised and in one place where it is up to date and easy to find
  • Consistent Layouts:Entering information is simple
  • Clear sections for different users roles:Individual users only have access to the sections relevant to them
  • Streamlined workflows:Everyone follows the same procedures
  • Uniform data collection:All records collected are in the same format
  • Always up to date:Changes are immediately available
  • Easy status Identification:Icons indicate the status of something at a glance
  • Find information quickly:Enter specified search parameters and information appears instantly.
  • Download files only as required:At the click of a button PDF's can be downloaded for saving and/or printing
  • Advanced reporting & charting:Set the parameters and detailed reports and charts are produced
  • Assists clear communication:Minimizes confusion and conflict

EMS Products

EMS360 Perfect for managing Staff Reviews and Professional Development


All-in-one staff management system

Developed in collaboration with schools that requested an easy to use system to simplify staff management processes and meet departmental requirements.

  • Annual Reviews
  • PDP Reviews (NSW)
  • PDP Reviews (VIC)
  • PPD Reviews (NSW)
  • Pathway Reviews (ACT)
  • Professional Development
  • Activities, Camps and Excursions
  • 360 Degree Reviews
  • Management Diary
  • VIT registration reporting
  • Accreditations
  • Leave and Absence
  • Accidents & Hazards

EMS360 offers the most efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective online staff management solution on the market today.

Perfectly simple!

We handle the hardware, software, backups, hosting, databases, web servers and security - all the things that take up time and money.

EMS360 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use paperless process that is available 24/7.

EMS benefits

Affordable Pricing With Pain Free Delivery

No Hidden Fees

  • One low setup cost
  • Pay as you go
  • Pay per employee
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Unlimited data storage capacity

Software as a Service

  • Available 24/7
  • Accessible via the internet
  • Hosted on our servers
  • Hosted in Australia

No IT Headaches

  • No downloading
  • No installing
  • No maintenance
  • No upgrading
  • No school IT support required

Quick to set up

  • Ready to use within 24 hours

Industry knowledge And Focused Development

Crafted by Experts

  • Education background
  • Highly skilled in application and User Interface development
  • Experience and ability to offer comprehensive solutions for managing complex school processes

For Australian schools

  • Created specifically for schools
  • Designed to comply with Australian education standards
  • Simplifies processes common to all Australian schools
  • Incorporates requirements specific to each state and school type

Ongoing Development

  • Regular updates are seamlessly integrated to improve and extend functionality
  • Evolving with departmental policy changes

Straightforward User Experience

Great Design

  • Clear and consistent interface
  • Self contained modules
  • Well considered work flows
  • Graphical indicators
  • Intuitive navigation

Increased Efficiency

  • Centralised information
  • Streamlined processes
  • Always up to date
  • Accessible anytime
  • Available on any computer
  • Usable in any web browser

Personalised Interface

  • Business logos and branding
  • Modules reflect user role
  • Quick entry dashboard
  • Easy to learn and simple to use

Support & Training

  • Comprehensive training
  • User documentation
  • Local help desk support

Safe and Sound

Solid foundations

  • Built using the latest enterprise grade technology
  • Robust development framework
  • Scalable and flexible to expand and extend as required

Complete data management

  • Organised digital archive of your historical records
  • Formal documented processes provides a clear audit trail
  • Completed records are locked to prevent editing


  • Hosted in Australia
  • Hosted on our servers
  • Business information is highly protected
  • All users private logon details are encrypted

EMS Clients

What people say about us

Damascus College

Now in our fourth year of operation in EMS360, we continue to explore further what the program can offer Damascus College. The ACE, Leave, PD and PPD application and approval process have allowed us to seamlessly manage and have overall view of student activities, staff leave and absence and professional development. Staff have certainly responded well since its introduction, and its use is now ingrained as a standard practice. All Staff Accreditations and personal professional learning are easily maintained by individual staff. Staff reviews is another feature that we are beginning to utilise further in greater depth. Russell and Gerald have been very responsive to our ideas of further enhancements of EMS360, and continue to provide a great level of personal support.

Chris Grant Deputy Principal

Downlands College

Educational Management Systems has modernised the College’s management of staff leave, professional development and events/activities. In addition, implementing Educational Management Systems has improved efficiency and record keeping. The implementation and ongoing support has been of the highest quality. I would recommend this software to all schools looking for efficiency and compliance in this area.

Stephen Koch Principal

Siena College

Years ago I dreamt of a program that would take care of all the administrative hack work that accompanied professional learning opportunities for our staff. My dreams materialised when we adopted a very new StaffPD developed by Educational Management Solutions (EMS). From there EMS has grown to incorporate systematic management of all our PL , Excursion, Incursion and Camps activities as well as a platform for our Annual Review Meetings and Leave or Absence management. They have succeeded where others have failed by providing an active consultation with stakeholders process and incorporating elements that are adaptable and customisable to suit a variety of educational settings. We have not yet exploited all they have to offer but if service and the ability to deliver are amongst your KPIs then EMS has it in spades. ”

Michael Hanrahan Director of Strategy and Risk

Toowoomba Grammar School

The EMS 360 program has been used for many years to organise our professional development needs. As a administrative tool for the allocation and tracking of PD requests, it has worked seamlessly with our School processes. The teaching staff use it for tracking their own professional development experiences and for the recording of goals and collation of their evidence of professional growth as part of their annual review. The team at Education Management Solutions are very responsive if we have ever needed any support.


EMS privacy

Education Management Solutions Applications

When we say "applications" we are referring to any application or software system that is owned by Education Management Solutions (EMS or "we") including, but not limited to EMS360. References to "customer" or "client" and the like, refer to you, the school or business using our applications.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy assurance to you.

We are committed to complying with the provisions relating to privacy and to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information contained in: The Privacy Act 1988, the National Privacy Principals (NPPs) set out in Schedule 3 to the Privacy Act

We publish this Privacy Statement to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of users of our applications and to provide a clear and concise outline of how and when personal information is collected, stored and distributed.

Collection of information

There are two types of information collected for use by our applications; identifying personal details such as email address and first/last name, and personal information provided by users through the use of our applications.

Personal details for each staff member are usually collected from the CASES database - the software component of the Computerised Administrative System Environment in Schools. These details are used for administrative purposes to configure our applications and are usually provided directly by schools.

Information provided by users regarding their staff reviews and professional development is available only to permitted staff within their employment organization. This information is used solely for the purpose for which it is intended; professional development and staff review processes.

Storage of information

We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We provide a very high level of security when you use our applications including 256 byte SSL encryption. We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information which is held by us. For example, your personal information is stored in secured office premises, in electronic databases requiring logins and passwords for access and/or at one or more secured data centers. Access to information stored electronically is restricted to staff whose job purpose requires access. We require all our employees to maintain the confidentiality of customer information and all employees sign and agree to strict confidentiality clauses in employment contracts.

Access to information

Users are able to access their identifying personal details and personal information in the context of the school they are currently working in, directly through the application. Data can be downloaded and exported.

Most information can be corrected by the user or a person with an appropriate administrative role within their school. A feature of our applications is that certain information is locked and unable to be altered, in order to preserve a clear and secure audit trail. Should information require correction that is beyond the editing capabilities of the user or the school, we can be contacted by email with details of the request. We will review the request and determine the optimum outcome promptly.

Privacy breach complaints

If a breach of privacy is suspected or has occurred we should be informed immediately so that we can initiate our data breach plan of action.

Use and disclosure of personal information

Personal details and information collected by our applications will at no time be distributed to any parties other than supervisors and administrators. Identifying personal details and personal information are never disclosed to third-parties or transferred overseas.


Cookies are an essential part of how our sites works.

We use cookies to enhance the user experience. Cookies are very small text files that a website can transfer to your computer's hard drive for record keeping. The only information stored as cookies by our applications is your user name (email address) - which makes logging on quicker and easier - and session data to provide secure connections to our servers. They are not harmful and do not contain any confidential information such as your home address, date of birth or credit card details. By using our sites, you also consent to the use of these cookies.

Are cookies safe?

Yes. The information stored in cookies is safe and anonymous. They do not contain any information which could personally identify you and your account security is never compromised. You can find more information about cookies at

EMS Security

Data Security

We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in place to protect your information. The secure cloud infrastructure we use is hosted in Australia and maintained by Gieman IT Solutions (not outsourced). All environments we use are fully monitored and any access is logged.

Secure for your business

  • Cloud-hosted servers are managed and administered by Gieman IT Solutions (the parent company)
  • Servers are physically hosted in Sydney, Australia
  • Backups are encrypted and stored in Australia

Secure for your staff

  • Encrypted password protects personal information
  • Https secured connections
  • Enterprise grade technology protects your data
  • We take security very seriously!

Secure administrative access

Access to information stored electronically is restricted to staff whose job purpose requires access.
EMS/Gieman IT Solutions employees:

  • Are trained in online privacy and security measures
  • Only access user data when requested for support and maintenance
  • Have their access to databases and servers logged
  • Require login and passwords for administrative access
  • Sign and agree to strict confidentiality clauses in employment contracts
  • Are trained to monitor and report privacy breaches or data misuse

How you can protect your data

  • Be alert to cyber-attacks and report suspicious emails or calls to us immediately
  • Ensure your computer or personal device has appropriate security measures in place (eg requires a password to enable access)

Data Breach Management

Strategies for containing, assessing and managing data breaches

Any data breach or suspected data breach is serious, and each incident needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis to determine the appropriate response. As soon as Education Management Solutions are aware of a data breach we will take immediate action to contain, assess and remediate the incident.

Step 1: Contain

The data breach to prevent any further compromise of personal information. Immediate action to limit the breach may include changing passwords, revoking access privileges and recovering records.

Step 2: Assess

The data breach by gathering the facts and evaluating the risks to individuals.

  • The type or types of personal information involved in the data breach
  • The circumstances of the data breach, including its cause and extent
  • The nature of the harm to affected individuals, and if this harm can be removed through remedial action

Step 3: Notify

The user of any suspected data breach. Assessment of the breach will determine whether individuals need to be informed and appropriate notifications, such as police or (OAIC) Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Step 4: Review

The incident and consider what actions can be taken to prevent in the future. All stages of the data breach response are documented and a final report provided.

EMS Usage Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

If you are using our applications it is understood that you have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth on this page.

Our Billing Procedure

You will be billed once a quarter for all active users of our applications at a fee dependent on your usage per quarter (March, June, September and December). We will bill you during the 3rd month of each quarter for the full quarterly subscription fee. You will be billed retrospectively for each quarter with your first invoiced quarter billed on a pro-rata basis dependent on the number of completed months of usage.

Canceling Your Service

You may cancel your service at any time by contacting Education Management Solutions in writing or in electronic form. You will then be billed for any full months of usage since your last invoice. In this situation it is up to each individual school to inform their staff of the decision to stop using our services. Each staff member will then be responsible for saving their data in an appropriate format for future use (e.g. digital reports in pdf or excel format). Education Management Solutions and Gieman IT Solutions will not be responsible for extracting, storing or reporting of school data.

Your access to our services will remain enabled until the end of the cancellation invoice period. After this time it will no longer be possible to use our services and all school data will remain archived until the next purging cycle. It may be possible to extract school data from canceled services for a short period of time but this will incur a processing fee and can not be relied upon due to the purging cycle.

Our Refund Policy

If you are not 100% happy with any of our applications you can cancel your service at no fee costs within the first 6 weeks of usage as outlined in the previous section. There will be no refund for setup and training costs.

Our Intellectual Property

Our applications remain the property of Education Management Solutions at all times. The coding, programming and intellectual property that created our applications is copyright and must not be reproduced in any form, including, but not restricted to, for demonstration purposes, without the permission of Education Management Solutions. Customers do not own our applications, nor do they have any intellectual rights to our applications as a result of using them. Our applications are provided as a fee paying service.

Content Restrictions

Our applications, as a data management tool, stores information, including all types of files, in a digital format that is accessible to authenticated users of our applications. EMS can not be held responsible for content uploaded by authenticated users of our applications, nor can EMS be held responsible for invalid access to staff accounts (for example, due to weak passwords or password sharing). Our applications must not be used to disseminate, communicate, store or transmit content that is:

  • defamatory or harassing
  • relates to illegal business operations or schemes
  • deliberately misleading, incomplete or deceptive
  • sexually-explicit in nature
  • contains viruses, worms or malicious content
  • copyright infringing data or trade secrets
  • infringing on any intellectual property
  • deemed in any way inappropriate by Education Management Solutions
  • If we believe, for any reason, that our applications are not being used in a manner expected of an Education Management Solutions customer then we reserve the right to terminate your access effective immediately.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us and we will never sell, lease or distribute client details to any 3rd party. We will only reveal data pertaining to your account if compelled to do so by law. Education Management Solutions reserves the right to view staff content as necessary for support services, but access to information stored electronically is restricted to EMS or Gieman IT Solutions staff whose job purpose requires access. All EMS and Gieman IT Solutions staff are contractually required to safeguard your information.

How We Use Your Information

EMS uses your application email address and contact details to operate our business and to help us improve your experience. We may, for example, contact you by email or phone to tell you about the products and services that are available to you (for example, training sessions) or to inform you of new products.

Online Accessibility

We make significant efforts to ensure that our applications and all of our services are online 24x7 every day of the year. However, this will not always be the case. There are times when our applications will be down, sometimes for things that we can't control (for example, network outages) and others that we can (for example, new releases, updates and system maintenance). When our application services are offline we will do our best to get them online as soon as possible. We will not be held responsible for damage, events or losses directly or indirectly related to our services being offline.

Although we endeavour to provide at least 99.9% uptime for our applications, if for any reason we do not reach this target during any quarter, we will not offer compensation.

Liability and Data Loss

We believe that our system is highly secure from the actions of hackers, viruses and other problems on the internet but can make no guarantees. It is up to individual application users to ensure backups of files uploaded into our applications and to ensure regular digital backups of reports and work. We will not be held liable for any action or inaction relating to our service.


This website is governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia. Any dispute arising from the use of this website will be settled in this jurisdiction.

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